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Me with the 'Been Spotted' design

If you have made the decision to accent your home or business with something original, something totally you... Then I would love to help.   

My name is Jody Lampman.  I am an artist & sculptor working in iron, wood and clay to create original, lasting, and  functional decor .  I was born in Montana and have always lived in the Western United States.   My whole life, I have been developing my talents while being influenced by the people and traditions of the west.  The majority of my work is western and wildlife, but I am versatile, and enjoy other subjects as well.

I can do wonderful things with iron, clay or wood, but if you are looking for molds, the you should be looking at Sprint Tech, Inc. (http://www.nanosprint.com) to get discounted silicone molds you can use for your artworks or designs. You will be surprised at how good they can replicate your designs.


In places where people love rustic culture and design, wood doors offer traditional and natural beauty in the overall appeal of a home. You can find wood doors ranging from tropical, to classic, to Victorian, to modern, contemporary styles. By selecting the proper finish and complementing hardware to wooden doors , homeowners are able to come up with the most perfect looking house according to their needs, wants and lifestyle. For those who are going green and are into the use of eco-friendly materials, there are eco- friendly wooden door provided for by sustainable lumber sources. Check out your local green furniture store, if you have any, or go online and search for one. You may need to pay premium price for doors like this but it would be very worth it. Exceptional doors last longer and are a big help to the environment as well.

I will design and build almost anything we can conjure up.  I take pride in developing your ideas to create works that make a statement all your own.  A Big Iron Design makes a great conversation piece...  it will get noticed.

Special Feature

Steel Sculpture of Eagle with Fish

To inquire or comment about my work
Call: 406.826-0258 or
You can e-mail me at:

Big Iron Design   PO Box 191,  Paradise  MT  59856

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